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What is Skype WiFi?

Skype WiFi is a fantastic way to browse the internet when you’re on the move, using your Skype Credit as payment to log in to public WiFi hotspots around the world.

No more fumbling with credit cards or cumbersome sign up processes when you’re out and about – you can simply use your Skype Credit to get online. You only pay per minute for what you use. There's no need to buy an internet day-pass if all you need is a few minutes of access.

The Skype WiFi price per minute varies by provider and will be displayed when you connect to a compatible WiFi hotspot.

Skype WiFi is available on Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, iOS and Android.

Note that Skype WiFi is a separate application to Skype. To use Skype on your device (after connecting to a public hotspot through Skype WiFi), you need to either have Skype installed, or use Skype for Web in your browser.

Where is Skype WiFi available?

Skype WiFi is available at over 2 million hotspot locations around the world, including airports, hotels, train stations and cafés. You can have full access to the internet subject to the terms and conditions of the hotspot service operator.

Find a hotspot near you with our Skype WiFi interactive map.

Important: You only need to use Skype WiFi when trying to connect to a public internet hotspot away from home. When you're not on the move, you can simply use your home or work WiFi network to access the internet.

Find out more about Skype WiFi.

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