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How do I use Skype WiFi in Skype for Windows desktop?

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The following questions and answers will help you get started with using Skype WiFi:

How do I start using Skype WiFi?

To use Skype WiFi you need to have the latest version of Skype, a WiFi enabled computer connected to a Skype WiFi-supported access point and a little Skype Credit on your account.

You don’t need a new Skype account to use Skype WiFi. Simply connect to an available WiFi hotspot and Skype WiFi will offer to connect you to the internet at great per minute rates.

To enable Skype WiFi:

  1. Sign in to Skype.
  2. Go to Tools >  Options > Skype WiFi.
  3. Tick Enable Skype WiFi.
  4. Go to your computer network settings and connect to a Public WiFi location.
  5. In the menu bar of Skype, click Tools > Skype WiFi.
  6. Follow the on-screen instructions to select and join a compatible public WiFi network.

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How do I know how many Skype WiFi minutes I've used?

When you connect to the internet with Skype WiFi, the Skype WiFi icon will appear in your system tray.

Skype WiFi icon.

Click this icon to find out how long you've been using Skype WiFi. You can end your session at any time, but for your protection, Skype WiFi sessions are set to expire after 30 minutes. You will be prompted to extend your session a few minutes before it expires.

You can also click Tools > Skype WiFi in the menu bar to locate this information.

How much does Skype WiFi cost?

The Skype WiFi price per minute varies by provider and is displayed in a message box that appears when you’re near a compatible WiFi hotspot. Simply click Connect to start a session.

The Skype WiFi price per minute displayed when near a compatible WiFi hotspot.

How do I pay for Skype WiFi?

You pay for Skype WiFi with your Skype Credit. When you start a session, Skype checks your Skype account balance and reserves payment for a maximum of 30 minutes of Skype WiFi. You're only charged for what you use. If you use 5 minutes of Skype WiFi, your Skype Credit will be debited for 5 minutes worth only.

You can keep tabs on how much you've spent on your Skype account page.

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