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    Troubleshooting problems signing into Skype

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    If you’re having problems signing in, first make sure you’re using the latest version of Skype, your system meets the minimum requirements for running Skype, and that you have the latest software updates and hardware drivers for your computer. This usually solves most sign-in issues.

    Additional sign in help:

    This video explains how to sign into Skype and to troubleshoot specific areas when signing in.


    Signed in, but don't see your contacts or credit?
    Are you signed in to Skype but don't see your contacts or Skype Credit? You probably just signed in to a different account than you were expecting to see. We can help you get back in to the correct Skype account

    Still need help?
    If you have tried all of the above and you still can’t sign in to Skype, come on over to the Skype Community where there is a wealth of information and around three million people waiting to help.


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