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Why can't I sign in to Skype for Mac OS X?

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The following advice can help you to sign in to Skype for Mac:

Sometimes, you can get an error when trying to sign into an older version of Skype. Make sure you have the most recent version of Skype installed on your Mac. Learn more.

If you have forgotten your Skype Name, you can find out what it is by following these instructions.

If you have forgotten your password, you can change it in three easy steps.

If you're signed in with someone else’s account, go to the menu bar and select File > Sign Out.  In the Welcome to Skype! screen, type your Skype Name and Password and click Sign In.

Click on the apple logo on the menu bar and select Software Update.

Contact the individual manufacturers of your additional hardware for details of the most up to date drivers.

Contact your system administrator or internet service provider to confirm.

Sometimes, your computer may think you are already signed in to Skype when you are not, due to network or software issues.)

Try signing out of Skype and then signing back in again. To do this:

  1. Select Skype > Quit Skype.
  2. Sign in again with your Skype Name and password.


  1. Quit Skype by selecting Skype > Quit Skype.
  2. Open your Applications folder and drag your copy of Skype into the trash.
  3. Ctrl-click on the trash icon and select Empty Trash.
  4. Restart your computer.
  5. Re-install Skype.
Your contacts and history are not affected.
  1. Quit Skype.
  2. Go to the folder “ ~/Library/Application Support/Skype/ “
  3. Delete the file "shared.xml"
  4. Start Skype.
Note that ~ sign means your home folder. You can find your home folder by opening “Finder“ and selecting Go > Home from the menu bar or selecting Command (Apple)+Shift+H keys.

If you already know your Skype Name and password, and you see the Create New Account screen, click Cancel to return to the Welcome to Skype! screen. In the Welcome to Skype! screen, type your Skype Name and Password, and then click Sign In.

Note: From time to time, we do retire older versions of Skype to focus our efforts on improving the most recent versions of Skype. When this happens, you'll see the following message when trying to sign in to Skype:

If that’s the case, simply click Download the latest version now and follow the steps to upgrade to the latest version for free. You can also follow detailed step-by-step instructions here to resolve the issue and continue using Skype.

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