How do I share my screen in Skype for Windows desktop?

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Screen sharing lets you share your computer screen with anyone on Skype. For example, you can display presentations, show friends and family your photos without having to send them, or show someone how something works on your PC.





You can share your screen with one Skype contact at any time during a voice call for free.


With Skype Premium, you can share your screen with one or more Skype contacts during a voice or video call.

Before you share your screen, make sure that you have:

To share your screen:

The Share screens option selected from the list that appears after clicking the plus button during a call.

The preview of the screen and the Start button selected in the dialog box.

To share a specific window, rather than your entire screen, click the down arrow button and select Share window.

The Share window option selected from the list that appears after clicking the down arrow button in the dialog box.

Then select the window you want to share and click Start.

The window to be shared and the Start button selected in the dialog box.

The Stop sharing option selected in the floating call window.

  1. Make a voice call or video call to the person or group you want to share your screen with. Learn how to create a group in your contact list.
  2. After the call has started, click the + button in the call bar and select Share screens.
  3. In the dialog box that appears, click Start to share your entire screen.
  4. You can change your screen sharing options at any time by clicking the Change sharing options icon The Change sharing options icon. in the floating call window.
  5. When you want to stop sharing your screen, in the floating call window click Stop sharing.

Only one person can share their screen at a time, although you can switch presenters at any time and as often as you like.

The person or group you are sharing your screen with can send you video at the same time, and you can also talk to each other, send instant messages and send files.

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