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What's the difference between a registered email address and a profile email address?

Registered email address

When you create a Skype account, we ask you for an email address. This is automatically set as your registered email address. It’s displayed in the Contact Details section of your Skype profile marked  Primary email.

Your registered email is what we use to contact you with important information about your Skype account. You’ll also need to know it if you want to reset your password.
If you don’t know your registered email address, or you no longer have access to it, we can help.

Profile email address

Besides your registered email address, you can also add other email addresses to your profile. If you have a business and a personal email, adding both makes it easier for your friends and contacts who know your email address to find you on Skype. These other addresses are known as profile email addresses. No one can see your registered email address or your profile email addresses when looking at your profile.

You can’t use a profile email address to reset your password if you forget it – you’ll need your registered email for that.

To learn how to change your registered email address, or set a profile email as your registered email address, check out our guide.

Forgotten your password? Go to our forgotten password page

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