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What is the difference between a managed account and a personal account?

There are two types of Skype accounts - personal and managed. Personal accounts belong to the individual using that account, whereas managed accounts are created in Skype Manager™ and belong to the Skype Manager that created them.

If your administrator’s registered address is not in the United States, you can add members to your Skype Manager with personal or managed accounts. If your administrator’s registered address is in the United States, you cannot add members with personal accounts. United States-registered Skype Managers created before June 3, 2010, can retain already added members with personal accounts, but cannot add more members with personal accounts.

Keep in mind that this only applies to the registered address, not necessarily the country of residence. A Skype Manager account with a billing address outside the United States can be held by someone who lives in the United States (a person who moved from Spain to the US, for example), and vice-versa.

To retain control of your members' usage of Skype, we recommend that you only add members with managed accounts.

The following table describes the limitations of adding members with personal accounts.

Administrator can... Personal accounts Managed accounts
Add member to Skype Manager
Yes (outside the US)
Change member’s email and password
Permanently delete member
Take back Skype Credit
Assign member call forwarding
Set up Caller ID
Assign member a Skype Number
View call and usage history Yes* Yes

* Personal account users must explicitly allow their Skype Manager administrator to see their call histories.

Find out more about Skype Manager and its features, and also check out some helpful tips for members of Skype Manager.

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