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    How much does Skype Connect™ cost?

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    Skype Connect lets you connect your SIP-enabled PBX to Skype, making it easier to communicate in a more cost-effective way. It also simplifies the management of your call costs. You can use Skype Manager™ to manage and report on the usage of Skype across your company.

    The following charges may be applicable, depending on how you use Skype Connect:

    • For all outgoing calls through Skype Connect to mobiles and landlines, Skype charges a per minute charge. This is taken from the Skype Credit that you allocate to the SIP Profile involved. Calls are rounded up to the first 30 seconds and then in 6 second intervals thereafter.
    • If you call the US a lot, you could save on your calling with US minute bundles. Each bundle includes a monthly allowance of 5,000 minutes to call mobiles and landlines in the US. The number of US minute bundles you enter cannot exceed the number of channels you have entered. If the bundle’s minutes run out before the next renewal date, calls to the US will be charged from your Skype Manager's available Skype Credit balance at Skype Connect's standard call rates.
    • There is a monthly Skype Connect channel subscription charge for each SIP Profile, based on the number of concurrent call channels that you buy for that SIP Profile. This is taken from the Skype Credit balance of Skype Manager.
    • There is a monthly fee for any Skype Numbers that you buy within Skype Manager, including those bought for use with Skype Connect. This is taken from the Skype Credit balance of Skype Manager.
    • All incoming Skype calls through Skype Connect are free.

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