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How should I plan to manage Quality of Service within my own network?

Quality of Service (QoS) is a major consideration for any new or existing communications implementation.

Calls that are made using Skype Connect™, travel over the public internet and your own corporate network. Skype does not control your corporate network or the public internet, therefore QoS cannot be guaranteed. However, getting a few things right will help avoid quality problems.

We recommend that you:

Recommendation Description
Ensure you have an internet connection which is suitable for communicating over the internet As a guide, an internet connection to be used for communicating over the internet should be of sufficient quality to provide low packet loss of less than 0.2%, latency of less than 200 milliseconds from your business IT network to and low jitter of less than 10 milliseconds.
Ensure your LAN has sufficient bandwidth for all of your voice and data requirements We don’t recommend that you use WiFi for Skype for SIP. We do recommend that your customer premises equipment is of standard equivalent to at least 100Mb/s CAT V.
Give voice data priority on your internet connection Use a specialized SIP Quality of Service-based router in your corporate network, so you can give voice data priority when leaving your corporate network and entering the internet. When internet demands are high for data, this will prevent your voice calls being affected.
Give voice data priority on your LAN Tell your corporate network to give priority to voice packets, so they don’t get delayed by less time-critical data packets.

We recommend that you contact your PBX manufacturer and network service partner for more information about managing QoS on your network and to discuss the needs of your business in more detail.

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