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    What equipment do I need in order to use Skype Connect™?

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    The following is required to use Skype Connect:

    Requirement Description
    Skype Manager™ Skype Connect is managed via Skype Manager.
    A SIP-enabled PBX We recommend that you use a Skype Connect certified PBX or gateway. Although a non-certified PBX may work with Skype Connect, we cannot ensure all features and functions will operate correctly.

    Learn more about the current list of Skype Connect certified SIP-enabled PBX vendors.

    Learn more about the system requirements your PBX needs to support.
    An internet connection with enough bandwidth to handle your call traffic and voice quality needs Your connection can be a shared (with other data) or be a dedicated connection, depending on your business requirements.

    It should provide less than 200ms Round Trip Delay (RTD) between your business LAN and You can check the suitability of your internet connection by checking the RTD from your business network (LAN) to Skype Connect by sending a ping to and noting the average time shown in the ping results.
    A publicly reachable IP Address If your PBX is located on a private network behind a NAT firewall or router, you can still use Skype Connect by using the SIP Registration method of authentication.

    Alternatively, if your PBX does not support registrations or you don’t wish to use the SIP Registration method, you can use the IP Authentication method.
    A means to pre-pay for Skype products You’ll need to be able to top up your Skype Credit using a PayPal account, credit or debit card or a bank transfer.

    Learn more about our payment methods.
    A traditional fixed telephone line Skype is not a replacement for traditional telephone services and cannot be used for emergency calling. Skype Connect is meant to complement existing traditional telephone services used with a corporate SIP-enabled PBX, not as a stand-alone solution. Skype Connect users need to ensure that all calls to emergency services are terminated through traditional fixed line telephone services, connected to the local exchange, or through other emergency calling capable telephone services.

    For more information, go to What is Skype Connect™ and how does it work?