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    What can I do if my business doesn’t have a SIP-compatible PBX?

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    Your PBX must be able to support SIP to use Skype Connect™. If your PBX doesn’t support SIP there are two options open to you:

    • Check with your PBX manufacturer whether a SIP gateway, module or upgrade is available for your existing PBX that would enable you to use Skype Connect.
    • Replace your existing PBX with a SIP–enabled PBX. We recommend that you use a Skype Connect certified PBX as we cannot ensure all your SIP-enabled PBX features and functions will operate correctly in non-certified SIP-enabled PBXs when used with Skype Connect.

    Learn more about the current list of Skype Connect certified SIP-enabled PBX vendors.

    For more information on Skype Connect, there is a Quick Start Guide, a User Guide, and several other Skype Connect guides available on the Guides page of the Skype Support site.