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How much internet bandwidth do I need with Skype Connect?

The amount of internet bandwidth you need with Skype Connect depends on:

  1. How much you use your current internet connection for email, browsing and other data.
  2. How many concurrent calls your company is likely to experience.

Depending on the call capacity you require, it may be appropriate to obtain a dedicated internet connection for Skype Connect. We recommend you seek expert advice when determining your company’s exact requirements.

Here’s a table showing the approximate number of concurrent calls that can be made using G.729 based on common internet connections:

Broadband Type Download Speed Upload Speed Number of Concurrent Calls
ADSL 0.5mb 512kbs 256kbs 6
ADSL 1mb 1024kbs 512kbs 12
ADSL 8mb 8192kbs 512kbs 12
SDSL/Leased Line 2mb 2048kbs 2048kbs 48

Skype does not recommend the use of satellite internet links or mobile internet connections for Skype Connect due to extreme latency associated with these types of connection which can severely impact voice quality.

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