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    I use Skype Connect™ and I’m having problems with call quality. What should I do?

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    If you use Skype Connect and you’re experiencing problems with its call quality, check the following possible causes:

    Check Description
    Have you tried calling at different times of the day? We recommend you run four test calls at different times of the day to establish whether there are any patterns to your issues.
    Are you using the G.711 codec? See if your SIP-enabled PBX supports G.729. G.729 is both less bandwidth intensive, has better error correction than G.711, and typically performs better in poor corporate network conditions.
    Does your internet connection meet the bandwidth recommendations for Skype Connect? If your internet connection does not meet the bandwidth recommendations for Skype Connect, consider either upgrading or changing ISP.

    Learn more about the bandwidth recommendations for Skype Connect.
    Do you use the same internet connection for voice and data? Consider switching to a dedicated connection for voice traffic.
    Do you use a Quality of Service router? If you don't currently use a Quality of Service router, buy a specialized SIP Quality of Service-based router for your corporate network.
    Have you configured your Quality of Service router appropriately? Enable voice data prioritization in the configuration of your router. For more information on how to do this, please see your router manufacturer’s support documentation or contact them for more help.
    Are you using a NAT, router or firewall device in between your corporate LAN and internet connection? Ensure that it does not restrict the use of the following ports: UDP 5060, 8000-80xx (where “xx” is the number of channels you require multiplied by two).