What are the system requirements for Skype?

The system requirements for running Skype on different operating systems are described below. Please make sure that your system meets these requirements and that you have the equipment you need, before downloading the latest version of Skype.



Windows XP Service Pack 3
Windows Vista
Windows 7 (32-bit and 64-bit versions supported)
Windows 8*

Processor At least 1 GHz
RAM At least 256 MB
Additional software DirectX v9.0 or above

 * If you’re using Windows 8 Enterprise N or KN follow this guide.

Version* Mac OS X v10.6 “Snow Leopard”
Mac OS X v10.7 “Lion”
Mac OS X v10.8 “Mountain Lion”
Processor At least 1 GHz Intel processor (Core 2 Duo)
RAM At least 1 GB
Additional software The latest version of QuickTime

 * Mac OS X v10.5 “Leopard” doesn’t support Skype for Mac 6.4 and higher.

Version Ubuntu 10.04+
Debian 6.0+
Fedora 16+
OpenSUSE 12.1+
Processor At least 1 GHz
RAM At least 256 MB
Additional software

Qt 4.6
D-Bus 1.0.0
libasound 1.0.18
Pulse Audio 1.0 (required; Pulse Audio 4.0 is recommended for the best experience)
BlueZ 4.0 (recommended)


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