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What is the Fair Usage Policy for unlimited subscriptions?

Calls to mobiles (only where applicable), landlines and Skype To Go™ calls are included in your unlimited subscription subject to our Fair Usage Policy, which is designed to prevent fraud and abuse of subscriptions when they are used for direct commercial purposes and/or gain.

The following actions are considered a violation of our Fair Usage Policy:

  • Using a subscription, for instance, to engage in telemarketing practices or call center operations
  • Re-selling subscription minutes
  • Sharing subscriptions between numerous users via a PBX, call center, computer or by any other means
  • Using a subscription for other than your individual business communications, calling numbers (whether individually, sequentially or automatically) to generate income for yourself or others as a result of merely placing the call
  • Unusual calling patterns inconsistent with common, individual subscription use, for example, making regular short calls or making calls to multiple numbers in unusually short periods of time

The Fair Usage Policy restricts calls to a maximum of two-hour periods.  Once a call has reached two hours, it will be automatically disconnected. However, you’ll be able to dial the same number again straight away.

The Fair Usage Policy also applies to any other unlawful, prohibited and unusual activities.

Any actions contrary to the Fair Usage Policy or Skype’s Terms of Use may lead to your subscription being suspended or our relationship with you being terminated. Where we consider it reasonable, we may provide you with a notice of improper behavior before suspending, terminating or offering an alternative subscription, as we deem appropriate. 

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