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I am having trouble connecting to a public WiFi hotspot with Skype WiFi for Windows desktop. How can I fix this?

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Skype WiFi is a convenient way to get online at public WiFi hotspots without worrying about how you’d pay for it.

Learn more about Skype WiFi.

But if, for some reason, you can’t get connected, the advice in the table below can help you to troubleshoot your internet connection with Skype WiFi.



I can't find a compatible hotspot

Make sure that your WiFi is turned on and you’re connected to a WiFi network. Then, sign in to Skype (if you're using Skype for Windows Desktop) or open the Skype WiFi app (if you're using another device).

Skype WiFi will automatically alert you if you've found a compatible hotspot. You can also check for hotspots using Skype's Hotspot Finder here.

If you select a network that’s not compatible with Skype WiFi, you’ll get a pop-up message telling you so, and you can select another one.

Poor wireless signal

Check your wireless signal strength, as this may be affecting the quality of your connection. To do this, right-click on the wireless icon in your system tray and select View Available Wireless Networks.

You may then be able to select a network that has a stronger signal, or choose a network that may be compatible with Skype WiFi.

To find compatible WiFi networks, you can also use the Skype Hotspot Finder here.

Skype is not recognizing compatible hotspots or operators

Disable and re-enable Skype WiFi, so that Skype recognizes the most up to date compatible hotspots or operators. If you're using Skype for Windows Desktop:

  1. From the Skype menu, click Tools > Options... > Skype WiFi.
  2. Uncheck Enable Skype WiFi and click Save.
  3. Select Tools > Options... > Skype WiFi.
  4. Tick Enable Skype WiFi and click Save.
  5. Go to Tools > Skype WiFi and follow the instructions on the screen.

If you're using the Skype WiFi app on another device, close and restart the Skype WiFi app.

If the hotspot or operator was recently added to the Skype WiFi community, you should be able to connect.

I get “invalid port” error

Make sure that all the required ports are open.

How can I disable Skype WiFi?
If you're using Skype for Windows Desktop:
  1. In the Skype menu, click Tools > Options... > Skype WiFi.
  2. Uncheck the Enable Skype WiFi option and click Save.
If you're using the Skype WiFi app on any other device, close the app.
I still can't connect with Skype WiFi

If nothing else seems to work, try restarting your computer.

Rebooting your computer will correct connection problems most of the time.

 Get help from the Skype Community.

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