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Tips for solving problems with Skype for Windows

If Skype for Windows crashes, or stops working, follow the steps below steps to resolve your issue. 

If your issue is only with placing or receiving calls, it's most likely due to a slow internet connection. To learn how to resolve connection problems, go to Solving your connection issues.

If you're having trouble joining some group calls, first try initiating the call yourself. For more help with group video call issues, go to I have a problem with my group video call

Step Description
Reinstall Skype Download and install the latest version of Skype. If you’re not sure what version of Skype you are using, it’s easy to find out.
Update Windows Ensure that Windows has the latest service packs and updates installed.
Make sure you have the latest version of DirectX For Windows Vista and Windows 7, you can get the latest version of DirectX by updating Windows with the latest service packs and updates. For Windows XP, you can download it here.
Make sure you have the latest device drivers You can obtain the most recent drivers for your sound and video hardware from the website of your hardware manufacturer.

If you notice Skype crashing after updating to 7.10 or newer in combination with Windows 10, there are several outdated drivers causing the issue. Please visit Windows update and your computer manufactuer's website to get the latest drivers. 
Ensure Skype is not running in compatibility mode Running Skype in compatibility mode is not recommended. If you do, Skype may not work correctly. Make sure that Skype is not running in compatibility mode.
Restart your system If you have updated your system, for example if you have installed or uninstalled any programs, you may need to restart your computer.
Make sure your firewall settings are correctly configured If you have a firewall, you may need to update your firewall setting to work with Skype. These instructions can help.

If none of the above helps, completely uninstall and then reinstall Skype.

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