How do subscriptions work?

A subscription is a great, low-cost way of keeping in touch with friends when they’re not on Skype. The following frequently asked questions will help you get started with Skype subscriptions.

If you've already bought a subscription and you’re having problems with it, these questions and answers should help.

What is a subscription?

If you can’t reach your friends, family or colleagues with free Skype-to-Skype calls, you can call them on their mobile or landline, using Skype Credit or a subscription.

A subscription is by definition a recurring payment made in advance for a product or service. A Skype subscription lets you call one country, a region (for example, Europe) or a selection of countries worldwide. You can also upgrade to Skype Premium that includes group video calls.

You can choose to buy most subscriptions for 1, 3 or 12 months, except for Skype Premium, which you can purchase for 1 month at a time; and a Skype number, which you can purchase for 1 month or a year at a time.

After you’ve purchased a subscription, you can cancel it at any time without being charged. Be sure to cancel at least 3 days before your renewal date to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle.

How do I choose a subscription?

While Skype Credit allows you to pay as you go, a subscription is a pre-paid plan that lets you make minute-limited or unlimited* calls to selected countries, so it’s perfect if you want to make a lot of calls. When choosing a subscription, keep in mind that it works according to the country you’re calling to, not from, which means you can use it in any country – perfect for when you’re travelling.

Learn more about the difference between a subscription and Skype Credit.

Learn more about the difference between a subscription and a Skype Number.

Skype’s subscriptions are divided into two main categories:

  • Unlimited subscriptions allow you to make unlimited* calls to landlines+ (and mobiles where applicable).
  • Limited subscriptions include 60, 120, 400 or 800 minutes per month to call landlines (and mobiles where applicable).

*A fair usage policy applies.

+Landlines that use a shared cost number are excluded.

To help you choose the most suitable subscription, we’ve created a comparison table of different subscription categories, Skype Premium and Skype Credit.

  Unlimited subscription1 Limited subscription2 Skype Premium Skype Credit
Calling landlines Yes3 Limited Yes4 Yes
Calling mobiles Limited5 Limited5 Limited5 Yes
Group video calling No No Yes No
Calling minutes Fair usage policy 60/120/400/800 Fair usage policy No limit
Skype To Go Yes Yes No Yes
Call forwarding Yes Yes No Yes
Skype Number Discount6 Discount6 Discount6 No
SMS No No No Yes
Shared cost numbers No No No Yes
Cost Monthly Monthly Daily/monthly Rate/min
Connection fee No No No Yes

1 Unlimited subscriptions are subject to a fair usage policy.

2 Limited subscriptions include 60, 120, 400 or 800 minutes.

3 Unlimited Europe/Unlimited World includes calls to landlines in all the countries these subscriptions cover. Unlimited Europe covers 24 European countries. Unlimited World covers 65 countries worldwide.

4 Unlimited calls to one country – includes calls to landlines in a country of your choice as part of Skype Premium.

5 Limited - not all subscriptions cover calls to mobiles and landlines. You can check which subscriptions include mobiles and/or landlines from the subscription page.

Visit the Premium page to see in which countries you can call mobiles and/or landlines.

6 Discount – with an active subscription, you can get a discount on a Skype Number. The discount for a 12 month Skype Number is 50%.

How do Skype subscriptions work?

A one-month subscription is valid for one calendar month, which means if you purchase a monthly subscription on the 15th of the month, it will be valid until the 14th of the next month and your minutes will be reset the day after (at the same time minutes were activated the month before).

By default, subscriptions are renewed automatically, but you can cancel your recurring payments at any time.

The recurring payment is taken three days in advance of your subscription expiring, to ensure prompt delivery of your subscription. You don’t lose these three days though: your subscription is still valid for the full period that you sign up for (1, 3 or 12 months).

If you have a fixed-minute subscription (60, 120, 400 or 800 minutes), your minutes are reset each month. If you have unused minutes, they are not carried over to next month.

If you use up your minutes allowance before the end of your subscription period, you will be charged Skype’s standard rates until your minutes are reset the following month. The newly purchased minutes will become active only when the billing period for the first one ends.

If you urgently need more minutes, we recommend you to buy the same package but with different amount of minutes or consider buying an unlimited subscription.

Learn more about multiple subscriptions.

How do I get a subscription?

Just go to our subscriptions page, select the subscription that you want, and follow the on-screen instructions.

You can pay using Skype Credit, credit card, PayPal, bank transfer and other local payment methods.

When you've bought your subscription and it's showing as Delivered in your purchase history, you're ready to start calling.

Recurring payments are charged to your payment method (for example, credit card or PayPal) three days before the delivery of the next month’s subscription. If you have a limited subscription and you’ve already used all your calling minutes, you need to wait until your subscription resets (three days after billing) to be able to call again.

Get more help with subscription payments, payment limits, and changing your payment method or credit card details.

How can I check that my subscription has been delivered?

After you’ve ordered your subscription, you will receive an email confirmation with the details of your purchase.

The subscription appears in your account as a delivered order. To check your order history, sign in to your account and in the Account details section, click Billing information > Purchase history.

On the left side of your account page, you can also see the list of your active subscriptions.

The Skype account page displaying details of two subscriptions.

Can I change my subscription?

No, you can’t switch subscriptions or change your subscription to Skype Credit. However, you can cancel your recurring payments at any time and buy as many new subscriptions as you like. Be sure to cancel at least 3 days before your renewal date to avoid being charged for the next billing cycle.

If you cancel your subscription, it will run to the end of the subscription period. For example, if you have a 3 month subscription and you cancel it, it will continue to run until the end of the 3 months.

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