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Why isn't my subscription working?

If you’ve purchased a subscription and it doesn’t seem to be working, first check to make sure the number you're calling is valid. Remember to select the country you're calling from the drop-down, or enter a “+” and then the country code.

If the number you're trying to call is valid, check to make sure your subscription is active:

Sign in to your account. Your active subscriptions are listed in the blue bar on the left. Click a subscription to see the details for it, including destinations covered, minutes remaining and expiry date. 

Is your subscription shown in your account?

If your subscription isn’t displayed there, check your purchase history. Go to the bottom of your account page and, under Account details, click Purchase history.


If you don’t see the subscription in your purchase history, check the email we sent you confirming your purchase. If you have more than one Skype account, it may be that you bought the subscription using a different account. The confirmation email will tell you which account you used.

If you see the subscription in your purchase history but it doesn’t have a status of Delivered, refer to this page for help with other order statuses.

If your order shows a Pending status for a long time, contact Skype Customer Service.

If you have an active subscription but your calls won’t connect, or you’re unexpectedly charged Skype Credit for a call, there are several possible reasons.

You’re trying to dial a number that’s not covered by your subscription.

Your subscription may not cover the area or type of number that you’re trying to dial. 

  • If you have a multi-country subscription – e.g. Europe or World – some countries in that geographical region might not be included.

  • If you have a single country subscription, some cities or areas within that country may be excluded.

  • Some subscriptions cover landlines, some cover mobiles, and some cover both. Make sure your subscription covers the type of number you’re calling.

  • Calls to service, special, and non-geographic numbers are excluded from our subscriptions.

If your subscription doesn't include the number you're trying to dial, you may want to consider whether a different subscription would be better for you. Or you could buy some Skype Credit to call the numbers not covered by your subscription. 

You have used up all of your minutes.

If you have a limited subscription and you’ve used up your minute allowance, you’ll have to wait until your minutes are reset next month to keep calling. If you have Skype Credit, you’ll be charged our standard rates. If you still have lots of calls to make, you may want to consider buying an unlimited subscription.

Your account is blocked or suspended.

We may temporarily suspend your account if there are payment issues, which means you won’t be able to use paid services. You’ll probably see a message saying “account blocked” when you try to make a call. If this happens, you’ll need to reset your password (and if your Skype account is linked to a Microsoft account, you should also change your Microsoft account password). When you’ve done that, contact Customer Service using live chat and we’ll help get you back up and running.

To start a live chat, go to this support request page, choose Account and password and Cannot access paid services then click Next. Select Text chat support to chat with our team.

You bought the same subscription twice.

If you’ve used up the minute allowance for your limited subscription and have bought the exact same subscription again, the second subscription will only become active when the first subscription has expired. You’ll be charged our standard rates until then.

If you want to make more calls without using Skype Credit, we recommend either a subscription for the same area but with a different number of minutes (as long as it’s not an identical subscription it will activate right away) or an unlimited subscription.

Learn more about having multiple subscriptions.

You’re using a different Skype account.

If you have more than one Skype account, or if you share your computer with someone who also uses Skype, check that you’re signed in with the same account you used to buy the subscription. Click Skype > Sign Out, and then sign back in using the sign-in details for the account you used to buy the subscription.


Still having problems making calls? Check these other reasons you may be having trouble making a call.

Find out how to cancel your subscription.


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