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Can I have multiple subscriptions?

You can have as many subscriptions as you like for your personal account. If you're calling a lot of different countries, you can buy a subscription for calls to each of them.

If you are a Skype Manager administrator, you can allocate multiple subscriptions to your members.

To buy more than one subscription, simply complete the purchase of your first one and start over by selecting a new country. Alternatively, check out our Unlimited World subscription - our best value deal for calling landlines around the world. Simply select one of the popular destinations and click Continue next to Unlimited World in the subscriptions list.

The following frequently asked questions will help answer any questions you have about how multiple subscriptions work.

Can I have more than one subscription for calls to the same country?

Yes, you can. You can have overlapping subscriptions (for example, an Unlimited Europe and a UK subscriptions), and you can have two identical subscriptions.

If you purchase an identical subscription to the one you already have (for example, the same country and same number of minutes), the second subscription will become active when the billing period for the first subscription ends.

However, if you buy a subscription for calls to the same country but with a different number of minutes, the second subscription will become active as soon as you have used up all the minutes in the first subscription.

For example, if you buy a Brazil 120 minutes subscription on the 1st of the month, and use all your minutes by the 20th, then buy a Brazil 60 minutes subscription, you can start using the Brazil 60 minutes subscription right away. You don't have to wait until the billing period for the first subscription has come to an end.

If I have more than one subscription that covers calls to the same country, which one is used when I make a call?

Skype will work out the best subscription to use by checking first if a subscription is limited or unlimited*, and then by checking which subscription will expire first.

If your subscription requires Skype Credit for individual calls, then the minute rate may also be considered.

Important: If your call is not covered by your subscription, you’ll need to have a little Skype Credit to make that call.

Learn how to choose the subscription that best suits your needs.

Find out which countries are covered by the subscription you’d like to purchase.

Learn why your subscription isn’t working.

If I have an unlimited subscription (for landlines) and a limited subscription (for mobiles and landlines), when making a call to a landline, which minutes will be used?

The subscription with the most minutes at any given time will be used. So in this case, it would be the unlimited subscription as this offers unlimited* calls to landlines. 

If you have two different limited subscriptions, the subscription with the highest number of available minutes will be used.

For example, if you have a World 400 and an Australia Landlines 120, and you make a call to an Australian landline, the World 400 would be used over the Australia Landlines 120.

*A fair usage policy applies. 

If I have more than one ongoing subscription, can I change their payment methods?

Yes. You can check and change the payment method for all your subscriptions through Subscription Settings in your account. 

Learn more about changing your subscription payment method.

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