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Can I have multiple subscriptions?

Yes, you can have as many subscriptions as you like. If you're calling different countries, you can buy a subscription for calls to each of them.

To buy more than one subscription, simply complete the purchase of your first one and start over by selecting a new country.

What happens if I buy identical subscriptions?

If you buy an identical subscription to one you already have (the same country and same number of minutes), the second subscription will only become active when the billing period for the first subscription expires, and not when the first subscription has run out of minutes.

For example, if you have a pay-monthly Brazil 60 minutes subscription starting on the 1st of the month, and you buy another Brazil 60 minutes subscription, you won’t be able to use the second subscription until the 1st of the following month.

Need more minutes?

If you run out of minutes part-way through the subscription period, we recommend that you buy a different subscription covering calls to the same country. That way, the second subscription will become active as soon as you have used up all the minutes in the first subscription.

For example, if you buy a Brazil 60 minutes subscription on the 1st of the month, and use all your minutes by the 15th, you can buy a Brazil 120 minutes subscription and start using it right away. You don't have to wait until the billing period for the first subscription has come to an end. Be sure to cancel the first subscription if you don’t want it to renew.

If you prefer not to buy another subscription, you can use Skype Credit for your calls until your subscription renews.

How do overlapping subscriptions work?

If you have more than one subscription covering calls to the same country, Skype uses them in the following order:

  • By plan type – unlimited subscriptions are used first, and limited ones are used afterwards.
  • By expiry date – subscriptions with the nearest expiry date are used first.

Example 1
You have an Unlimited Europe subscription and a UK 60 minutes subscription. If you make a call to a UK number, the Unlimited Europe subscription will be used first, as this has the most minutes.

Example 2
You have an India 120 minutes subscription expiring on the 12th of the month and an India 800 minutes subscription expiring on the 25th. If you make a call to India on the 10th, the India 120 subscription will be used first because this expires sooner.

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