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    How do I verify my company?

    When you sign up for Skype Manager™, you are given a limit that determines the maximum amount of Skype Credit you can purchase in one go. The range of payment methods available to you is also limited.

    To access a wider range of payment methods, or to increase your purchase limit, you will need to get your company verified. It's easy to do so:

    1. Sign in to Skype Manager.
    2. In the top right-hand corner, click Account details.
    3. Click Payment settings.
    4. Under Purchase limits, click Get verified now.
    5. Enter your company details in the form and click Submit.

    Once you have submitted the form, Skype will check your company details and contact you to confirm your request. Once you have confirmed the request, the credit card payment option will be enabled on your Skype Manager and payment limits will be increased. This process is usually completed within 3 days but may take up to 2 weeks.

    Verification is available for many but not all countries. Contact Skype Customer Service for more details. 

    For more information on Skype Manager, check our Quick Start Guide and User Guide.

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