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    How do I activate or deactivate voicemail for members in Skype Manager?

    Voicemail lets you pick up messages that were left when you were busy or offline. Unanswered calls are sent to voicemail and you can listen to the calls whenever you are signed in to Skype. You can activate voicemail for your members in Skype Manager™ for free.

    To activate or deactivate voicemail for selected members:
    1. Sign in to Skype Manager.
    2. Click Features in the toolbar.
    3. In the menu on the left, click Voicemail to display the Voicemail page.
    4. Click Allocate Voicemail.
    5. Check the box next to each member whose voicemail you want to activate or deactivate.

      You cannot select members whose voicemail is already activated as part of a subscription or members with personal accounts who have activated their voicemail outside of Skype Manager.

    6. Click Activate or Deactivate. It might take a few minutes until you can see it in your Skype Manager and, if activated, for your members to be able to start using it.

    Members will have to set up their voicemail, such as recording their voicemail message, after it has been activated.

    Learn more about setting up and using voicemail.

    For more information on Skype Manager, refer to our downloadable guides.

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