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    How do I view reports in Skype Manager™?

    The reports in Skype Manager provide a useful way of keeping track of your company's usage of Skype. There are four types of reports available: Summary, Purchases, Allocations and Usage. Use these reports to keep track of the Skype Credit your company has purchased, allocated and used.

    To view reports in Skype Manager:

    1. Sign in to Skype Manager.
    2. Click Reports in the toolbar.
    3. In the menu on the left, click one of the following, depending on the type of report that you want to view: 
      • Summary
        Click Summary to view a breakdown of where Skype Credit has been allocated in a given month.
      • Purchases
        Click Purchases to view a report that shows the purchases of Skype Credit you have made in a given month.
      • Allocations
        Click Allocations, then click the name of a feature to view a detailed report of where features have been allocated to members in a given month. For example, click Skype Credit to view all the allocations of Skype Credit that have been made to members in the specified month.
      • Usage
        Click Usage and enter the name of a member or a SIP Profile to view a detailed activity report of a specific member’s of SIP Profile’s Skype usage.
        If this is the first time that you have attempted to display a Usage report, click I want to access my members reports, then I want to access the reports.

        You should be aware that by accessing and monitoring personal and traffic data of members, you may be required to comply with the local data privacy laws in many jurisdictions. Please familiarize yourself with the applicable laws for your location and proposed use.

        Important: Members with personal Skype accounts have to give their consent to you to access their reports.
    4. The details in the report you select cover the current month by default. You can specify the month by selecting the month from the drop-down list in the menu on the left, or by clicking Previous month or Next month.
    5. You can use filters to fine-tune your report. Select the filter you require from the drop-down list above the report.
    6. If you want to save the Purchases or Allocations report for reference, click Download Reports in the menu on the left.

      Check the box next to each report that you want to download, select whether you want to download the reports as comma-separated value (CSV) or PDF format files, and click Generate.


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