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    How do I manage Skype Credit for members of my Skype Manager™?

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    This FAQ contains instructions on how to allocate Skype Credit to your members, and recharge members' Skype Credit.

    Note: Once credit has been allocated, you cannot take it back from a member account. 

    Follow these steps to allocate Skype Credit to one or more members:

    1. Sign in to Skype Manager.
    2. Click Members from your Skype Manager Dashboard. 
    3. Click on the name of a member to whom you wish to allocate Skype Credit. 
    4. Click Manage Credit.
    5. Enter the amount of Skype Credit that you want to allocate in the field displayed and click Add credit. The Skype Credit will be immediately deducted from your Skype Manager’s balance and added to the account of the members selected.
      Allocate Skype Credit
    6. Repeat these steps for all members you wish to allocate credit to. 
      It will take a short while until the new balance will be visible in your Skype Manager. You may need to reload the page to see the new balance.


    To enable Auto-recharge for one or more members:

    1. Sign in to Skype Manager.
    2. Click Members from the top menu. 
    3. Click the name of a member to whom you wish to activate Auto-recharge. 
    4. Click Manage Auto-recharge.
    5. In the Recharge member’s account with field, enter the amount of credit to recharge.
    6. In the when balance falls below field, enter the level at which the selected member's account will be recharged when it falls below this level.
    7. In the Monthly recharge limit field, enter the maximum amount of Skype Credit by which the selected member's account can be recharged in any month. When this limit is reached, Auto-recharge will be suspended until the first day of the next month.
    8. Click Save and activate.


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