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    How do I view reporting on a SIP Profile?

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    There are two types of Skype Connect™ report: monthly allocations, and detailed usage reports. Both of these are accessible directly from Skype Connect.

    To view the Skype Connect reports:

    1. Sign in to Skype Manager™.
    2. Click Features in the toolbar.
    3. In the Features menu on the left, click Skype Connect.
    4. Scroll to the SIP Profile whose reporting you want to view and click View profile.
    5. In the Skype Connect menu on the left, click Reports. The SIP Profile's usage for the current month is displayed by default. The number called and call duration are provided in the report. For calls made at Skype's standard call rate, the cost of the call is shown. For calls made using any US minute bundles added to the SIP Profile, calls are zero rated on the report. To change the month of the report, either select the date from the drop-down list displayed in the menu on the left or click Previous month or Next month to find the month you want. To display the SIP Profile's allocations report, click Allocations in the menu on the left. Any Skype Connect channels and US minute bundles purchased for the SIP Profile during the month are displayed, as well as any changes made to the Skype Credit allocated to the SIP Profile for outgoing calling. To return to the SIP Profile's usage report, click Usage in the menu on the left.

    For more information, go to What is Skype Connect™ and how does it work?