Why am I not receiving calls to my Skype Number?

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    If you're not receiving calls to your Skype Number, make sure that Skype is running, and you are signed in. If you are not signed into Skype, the call will either ring busy or be redirected to voicemail according to your Voice Messaging preferences.

    Be sure that you are also using the latest version of Skype.

    If you’re still not receiving calls to your Skype Number, or if your Skype Number is ringing busy, please follow these steps:

    1. Make sure you are signed into the correct account for Skype. You can check by signing into the Skype My Account page and verify your Skype number shows in your account.

      Note: If you are on an iPhone or iPad and don't have the Skype Number option, you may need to clear the history and cookies on your device and sign in again.
    2. Using call forwarding to a phone number? If so, make sure you have Skype Credit or a subscription covering the location of the forwarding number to pay for forwarded calls.
    3. If you are using Skype on Windows 10 & 11 (version 15), make sure you don't have Focus Assist turned on.

    If you continue experiencing problems, please contact us and let us know if you are using Skype on any other type of device such as a Skype phone, including the brand and model number of the device.