What is Skype Home in Skype for Windows desktop?


Skype Home lets you view and comment on the Skype, Messenger* and Facebook alerts. With the latest version of Skype, you can also update your Facebook status, comment on and “like” your friends’ status updates just as you can on the Facebook website. On top of that, you can video call your Facebook friends from Skype when you connect to Facebook.

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*To see and talk with your Messenger buddies, you need to sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account. Learn more about signing in to Skype with your Microsoft account.
Skype Home window is displayed when you sign in to Skype. To display Skype Home whenever you want , simply click the Skype Home icon Skype Home icon with an orange dot next to it and it will open on the right side of your Skype screen.

Skype Home with Skype contacts, Facebook friends, Alerts and All highlighted
Skype Home will alert you about status updates of your Skype, Messenger and Facebook friends. When there is a status update, you’ll see an orange dot next to the Skype Home icon Skype Home icon with an orange dot next to it.
You can use Skype Home to filter your Skype contacts, Facebook friends or to view them all . To refresh the Skype Home to see the latest updates, press F5 on your keyboard or click the refresh icon The Refresh icon..

To connect to or disconnect from Facebook, click the blue settings icon The Settings icon..

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To share the latest about yourself, just click inside the box with text ‘Tell your friends what you’re up to’, type in your message and click the Share button. If you don’t want your Facebook friends to know, simply untick the box next to Also post to Facebook.

The Share button and the Also post to Facebook option highlighted when sending a newsfeed.

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