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Why can't I connect to Facebook?

If you are having problems connecting to your Facebook account, the following suggestions may help.

Are you Offline?

You must be signed in to Skype and your status must not be Offline. To check and change your status:

  1. In the menu bar, click Skype > Online Status.
  2. Select one of the following statuses: Online, Away, Do Not Disturb, or Invisible.

Has your access to Facebook been disabled?

If you can't log in to Facebook in Skype, it may be because your network administrator has disabled your access to Facebook. For example, you may be using Skype at work, where access to particular websites, including Facebook, is forbidden. 

You can test this by going to the Facebook website. If you cannot access Facebook in your browser, then you will not be able to access Facebook in Skype. Contact your network administrator for more details.


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