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Making a group video call (Mac)

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Have you downloaded Skype and joined us? Then you’re ready to get calling.

With Skype, you can make a video call with three or more people, anywhere in the world.

Before you make a group video call

To ensure the best call quality, check the following:

Making a group video call

It’s easy to make a group video call:


In Skype, from the menu bar, click File > New Conversation….

New Conversation selected from the menu displayed after clicking File.

A new Untitled conversation appears.


Click the Add button The add button. and select Add people.... Then select the contacts you want to add to the group video call. To find people easily, start typing their name into the Add people box.

The box to enter the name of the person you want to select and add to the group video call.


Repeat this for each of the contacts you want to add to the video call, and then click Add.

Important: If the chat window displays a message that a particular contact won’t be able to participate in a group chat until they upgrade Skype, please inform them by sending a separate 1-to-1 instant message to upgrade at, or send them here for more information on cloud-based group chats. The contact will still be able to participate in the call without upgrading, but they won't be able to participate in group instant messages.

You can add up to nine contacts, but for the best quality, we recommend group video calls with up to five contacts.


Click the Video Call button.

The Video Call button selected to start the group video call.

The screen changes color, a call bar appears at the bottom of the screen and you’ll hear ringing until another person answers.


Smile, wave, say hello to everyone!

The group video call screen.

If you can't hear or see each other, you may need to check your audio settings and video settings.


To drop individual people from the call, move your mouse over the person’s image, click their name and select Hang Up. You’ll only be able to do this if you are the host of the group video call.

To end the call completely, click the red end call button.

The End Call icon highlighted in the video call controls bar.

Useful things you can do on a call

During the call, you can:

 Group video calling buttons.

A. Open and close the sidebar.

B. Turn your video off. The people you’re calling will no longer be able to see your video, although you will still be able to see theirs. Click again to turn your video back on. When the button is red, your video is on, and when it is white, your video is off.

C. Mute your microphone so the other people in the call can't hear you.
D. Send files, contact's details, share your screen, or add people to the call.
E. View the video call in the full screen mode.

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