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How do I find my friends and add them as contacts in Skype for Mac?

Skype is better with friends. Add some today – then you can start calling, messaging and sharing.

You can find your friends who are using Skype and add them as contacts, add mobile and landline numbers as contacts, and add Skype bots.

Finding your friends

It’s easy to find a friend and add them as a contact. You can search using a real name, but you’ll find it easier if you know their Skype Name or email address.

To find and add a new contact:

  1. In the sidebar, click Contacts and then click Add Contact.

  2. In the search field, type the name, Skype Name or email address of the person you want to add and then click Find.

  3. Select your friend from the search results and click the Add to Contacts button.

  4. Type a quick note to introduce yourself and then click Send.

When you send someone a contact request, they’ll appear in your contact list with a question mark .

Not sure which one is the right contact?

If there’s more than one matching result and you’re not sure which one is your friend, click Search Options and use the filters to narrow down the results based on the information that people have added to their profile, like country/region, language, age and gender.

If this doesn’t help you find your friend, ask them for their Skype Name or the email address they registered with.

To make it easier for your friends to add you, learn how to update your profile.

Invite anyone to join your conversation in Skype

Alternatively, you can click the Compose New Message button to open a new conversation, copy the unique conversation URL and then share it via email or social media. Whoever you share it with can join the conversation. If you share it with someone that doesn’t have Skype, they can still join the conversation as a Guest on Skype for Web, without needing to join or download Skype.

  1. Click Compose New Message icon. 
  2. Add a contact or copy the unique conversation link.  

  3. You can share the URL with anyone via email or social media – it’s up to you. 
  4. Anyone that clicks on the link will join your conversation. If they don’t have Skype and are on a computer, they can join as a Guest on Skype for Web.


Adding phone numbers as contacts

Adding someone’s mobile or landline number as a Skype contact means you can call them easily even if they’re not on Skype. You’ll need a little Skype Credit or a subscription to call.

To add a mobile or landline contact:

  1. In the sidebar, click Contacts and then click Add Contact.

  2. Under Save a Phone Number, type a name, choose a country from the drop-down list and type the phone number.

  3. Click Add number. The number is saved to your contact list.

Alternatively, you can save a number as a contact by calling or texting it first:

  1. Click the dial pad button.

  2. In the dial pad that appears, enter the phone number then click SMS or Call.

  3. Click the plus button next to Save number (if you called the number, wait until you’ve ended the call).

  4. Add a name then click Save new number.

Now that you’ve added some contacts, you’re ready to make your first call.

Learn more about managing your contacts.

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