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    Calling mobiles and landlines (Mac)

    Have you downloaded Skype and created an account? Then you’re ready to get calling.

    Make low cost calls to mobiles and landlines from Skype with a little Skype Credit (for pay as you go calls) or a monthly subscription. Use the dial pad to enter a phone number, or call a number on your contact's profile when they are offline in Skype.

    To call a number using the dial pad


    Sign in to Skype and click the dial pad button (at the top of the screen).

    Screenshot of the dial pad button at the top of the Skype main screen

    The dial pad is displayed.


    Type the phone number (or click the numbers on the dial pad) and click Call.


    If you’ve called this number before, a list of possible numbers is displayed after you enter two digits.

    Screenshot of the Skype dial pad that allows you to enter phone numbers you want to call. Using the dial pad, you can send an SMS text message or make a call

    If you're calling abroad, click the little down arrow next to the flag and select a country from the list.

    To dial a country code, for example +44, click and hold down your left mouse button on the 0 (+) button for two seconds and release to get the + sign. You don't need to do this if you have selected a country from the flag menu.

    To call a contact on their mobile or landline

    If a contact has saved a phone number in their profile, or if you have added a number to a contact, then it’s easy to call them when they’re not on Skype.


    Sign in to Skype, click Contacts, and then click Skype to display your contact list (you may need to click >> if you can’t see Skype).


    Find the person you want to call.


    Place your cursor over the person’s picture to see the green call button and click it to start the call. To call a different number, click the down arrow on the green call button.

    The green call button displays different ways to call someone. If a person is online, you'll see Video Call or Call. When your friend is offline in Skype, and they have a phone number stored in their profile, the call button says Call, or if multiple numbers are stored, the call button says Call Phone, Call Mobile or Call Home.

    Learn how to call an Address Book contact in Skype.

    To add a number to a contact


    Sign in to Skype, click Contacts, and then click Skype to display your contact list (you may need to click >> if you can’t see Skype).


    Find the person you want to add a number to.

    3 Place your cursor over the person’s picture and, on the green call button, click the little down arrow and select Add Contact Number….

    Select the type of number (Mobile, Home, Office or Other), their country code using the flag menu drop-down list, and type their number into the box.


    Click Add. The number is saved.

    Useful things you can do on a call

    Screenshot of the options bar that you can bring up during a call. From the options bar, you can select the webcam icon to turn the video on or off, the microphone icon to mute or un-mute the microphone, or the plus icon to send files, share contacts or share screen
    1. So the dial pad, so you can dial extensions or make DTMF tones.
    2. Mute your microphone so the other person can't hear you.
    3. Send filesshare contacts, and share your screen.
    4. Hang up the call.
    5. Show the chat window.

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    No emergency calls with Skype
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