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How do I send and receive files in Skype for Mac OS X?

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With the latest version of Skype for Mac OS X, you can send and receive documents, music, photos or any other files during an instant message (IM) session or a Skype-to-Skype call.

Sending files

To send a file in an IM conversation:

  1. Click the Paperclip button in at the bottom left of the chat window, then click Send Photos and Files...
  2. In the Send File window that appears, select the file you’d like to share, then click Send.
    Alternatively, you can drag and drop the file to the conversation box and select Send.
  3. The file appears in the conversation area. As the file is sending, you will see the progress next to the file.



    When the file completes, you will see Sent next to the file.

To send a file during a Skype-to-Skype call:

  1. Open the chat pane by clicking the Show chat icon .
  2. Click the paperclip icon, then click Send Photos and Files...
  3. Alternatively, you can CTRL+click the active call in the menu on the left of the screen and select Send Photos and Files....

To send your location:

  1. Open the media bar in the messaging input box. 
  2. Click the pin icon to send your location to the conversation.

If you receive a location, follow these steps to Get Directions

Receiving and viewing the files

It’s easy to receive and view a file:

  1. When someone sends you a file, you will see the file in the chat window. Click the arrow to accept the file. To stop the file transfer, click X.

  2. When the file completes, you will see an icon with the file type.
    The status bar of sending the file displayed.
  3. To view the file after you accept it, click it to open it, or Quick Look File for a preview. These buttons are located in the conversation window, to the right of the received file. (You can also CTRL+click on the file to bring up this menu.)
    Reveal File in Finder and Quick Look for Preview buttons selected in the conversation window.
  4. If the file is a photo, you will see the picture in your chat window.
  5. If a contact sends you multiple pictures, they will appear as below. Click each picture to download it. To stop any transfer, click the X.

Get directions:

If you receive a location you can right-click the image, and then click Get Directions to open the Macs Maps app.

If you want to send your location to someone, follow the steps above to Send you location


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