How much data will Skype use on my mobile phone?

When making or receiving calls, or sending or receiving instant messages, Skype will use more data than when you simply sign in and leave the application idle. If your phone can make video calls, remember that they use more data than regular voice calls. To prevent Skype from using any of your data allowance, simply set your status to Offline.

Here are examples of some typical Skype data usage:

  • Skype-to-Skype calls: 50kbps or around 3Mb for one minute of calling
  • Calls to mobile numbers or landlines: 6-20 kbps or around 1Mb for one minute of calling
  • Video calls between two mobile phone devices: 500kbps
  • Video calls between a mobile phone and a computer: 600kbps

Having a large number of contacts on your Skype account also increases the data usage, as the application has to update more contact information, such as statuses, profiles and mood messages. If you would like to prevent this, you can create a new mobile account and only add your favorite contacts.

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