Do I have a personal account or a business account?

There are two types of Skype account - personal and business. A personal account belongs to the individual using that account, whereas a business account is created in Skype Manager™ and belongs to the Skype Manager that created it.

It's easy to create a personal account.

If you have a business account, your access to Skype features such as Skype Credit and Skype Numbers is controlled by your Skype Manager. The Skype Credit in your account is also assigned to you by your Skype Manager. You cannot purchase Skype Credit yourself.

If you’re not sure which type of account you have, sign in to your account.

If you have a business account, when you look under Account details and click Skype Manager, you will see the following message, including the name of your Skype Manager:

“Profile information - This Skype account is owned by Skype Manager <Name of the Skype Manager>. Both you and your administrator can edit the profile information in this account at any time, including the password.”

The amount of Skype Credit in your account and your subscriptions are also displayed.

If you have a business account, under your subscriptions, click Request another subscription to request a subscription from your Skype Manager:

If you have a personal account, under your subscriptions, click Add subscription to add a subscription to your account:

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