How do I change the picture in a group conversation in Skype for Mac OS X?

You can change a conversation picture, or change your profile picture.

To change a conversation picture:

  1. Select the conversation you’d like to change the picture for, or start a new conversation – in the main menu, select File > New Conversation.
    Learn more about finding contacts or conversations.
  2. Double-click the picture icon to open the picture editor. 

  3. In the picture editor, you can change your picture in 3 ways:
    • Click the Recent Pictures drop-down to choose a previously used picture.
    • Click the camera button to take a picture with your webcam.
    • Click Choose to select a picture on your computer. 

  4. After the picture appears in the picture editor, you can resize the image by moving the slider, or apply some cool effects by clicking the effects button .
  5. Click Set to save the picture.


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