What is Skype – business version and how is it different from Skype?

Skype offers a wealth of features that can help you to communicate and collaborate better at work. For example:

  • Group video
    Hold face-to-face video calls with 3 people or more at the same time, anywhere in the world. Group video helps you to save time and money on travelling to meetings.
  • Instant messaging
    While you're on a call, type messages to anyone of the other participants, so you can provide additional information, such as your contact details, email address or web URL.
  • Send large files
    Share files of any size with anyone else on Skype at the click of a button, so you can save on the cost of couriers, and avoid the size limits of some email software.

Because Skype is so useful for work, we have a version of Skype specifically for work - Skype – business version. The business version of Skype has the same features as Skype. However, there are a few key differences.

The main difference is that Skype – business version comes with a Windows Installer Package (MSI). If you are responsible for the management of Skype within your company, this allows you to deploy the same version of Skype to all appropriate employees at the same time. By using the Windows Installer Package installation, you can manage version control of Skype and ensure that everyone in your company is using the same version.

Users will need administrative rights to upgrade Skype. If they don’t have these, any automatic updating will create an additional Skype directory. You should disable automatic updates where users don’t have administrative rights. However, this also gives you the opportunity to test each new implementation before rolling out to users.

Skype – business version also informs you of great offers from Skype that are specifically aimed at our business customers. This means that you can keep up to date with the latest savings you could make on and learn more about those Skype products and services that have been developed to help you do more at work, such as Skype Manager™ and Skype Connect™.

Get the latest version of Skype – business version.

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