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    My Skype account has been restricted or temporarily suspended

    If your account has been restricted from using Skype's paid features, or has been temporarily suspended:

    1. Go to the account recovery page.
    2. Follow the steps to recover your account.

    Partial block error
    We will restrict your account from using Skype's paid features if:

    • We notice unusual activity, for example markedly different usage of your Skype Credit or subscription, that suggests someone other than you might have taken control of it.

    • You are disputing a payment (also called a chargeback), since this indicates that there is a problem with either your payment method or your account.

    • There is a violation of Skype’s Terms of Use.

    If you suspect your account has been compromised, or if you’re unable to sign in, you should:

    1. Run your computer’s anti-virus security to remove any malicious software or viruses.

    2. Change your Microsoft password. Make sure you choose a strong, unique password. 

    To find out more about your online security, safety and privacy, visit our security center.

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