Why is my account suspended?

Skype takes your security seriously, and if we suspect that your details might have fallen into the wrong hands, we take action by suspending your account temporarily.

Skype will suspend an account if it has been used in a way that suggests someone might have taken control of it and is using both the account and your Skype Credit or subscription in markedly different ways from your normal behavior. Skype takes a proactive approach to your account security.

We will also suspend your account if you are disputing a payment your bank or credit card company has made to us. When you or your bank disputes a payment, this is called a chargeback and we will assume that there is some problem with either your payment method or the account and suspend it.

An account can also be suspended because of violations of Skype’s rules and policies.

Recovering your account

If your account has been suspended, you can submit a request to recover it by visiting the Skype Online resolution center or by contacting the Skype Customer Service and providing us with some information.

If you suspect that your account has been taken over or you would like to clarify a payment dispute, we're happy to help. We'll just need to check some of your details first.

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