How do I get Skype WiFi on Skype for Linux?

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Skype WiFi is a quick and easy way to get online, with pay as you go internet access that uses your Skype Credit to get online through WiFi providers at over 2 million hotspots worldwide.

No more fumbling with credit cards or cumbersome sign up processes when you’re out there – you can simply use your Skype Credit to get online. You only pay per minute for what you use. There's no need to buy an internet day-pass if all you need is a few minutes of access.

The Skype WiFi price per minute varies by provider and will be displayed when you connect to a compatible WiFi hotspot.

Note that Skype WiFi is a separate application to Skype; to use Skype on your device (after connecting to a public hotspot through Skype WiFi), you still need to have Skype installed.

How do I start using Skype WiFi?

To use Skype WiFi on Skype for Linux, you need:

  • the latest version of Skype for Linux
  • a computer or device that can be connected to a public WiFi access point
  • enough Skype Credit in your account

When you are connected to an available WiFi hotspot, Skype WiFi will offer to connect you to the internet at an affordable rate per minute. To find an Skype WiFi compatible hotspot, try our Skype Hotspot Finder.

Alternatively, you can activate Skype WiFi manually:

  1. Sign in to Skype.
  2. At the bottom left of the Skype window, click the Skype button  The Skype button., then select Skype WiFi….

The Skype WiFi… option selected from the list that appears after clicking the Skype button at the bottom left of the Skype window.

The Skype WiFi price per minute will be displayed when you connect to a compatible WiFi hotspot.

The Skype WiFi price per minute displayed when connected to a compatible WiFi hotspot.

Skype WiFi will let you know how long your current Skype Credit will last at that rate.

  1. If you agree, click Connect to connect to the internet.

Learn more about Skype WiFi.

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