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    How can I organize my contacts into groups in Skype for Linux?

    It's easy to organize your contacts into groups. You can then call the entire group at once, or send them an instant message.

    You can group your contacts according to predefined sets, such as whether they are online or have been contacted recently, or you can create new groups (such as "Family" or "Colleagues") and add your contacts to these groups.

    To organize your contacts into groups:

    1. At the bottom left of the Skype window, click the Skype button and, from the opening menu, select Show Contact Groups

    2. Your contacts will be organized according to groups.

    3. To display the members of a group, click that group.

    Creating new contact groups

    To create a new contact group:

    1. At the bottom left of the Skype window, click the Skype icon and select Contact Groups > New Contact Group...
    2. The Create Group window opens.

    3. Type a name for your new group and click Create. You can now add your contacts to this group.

    To rename or delete the group, right-click the name of the group and select Rename Group or Delete Group. It’s not possible to delete the predefined groups.

    Adding contacts to a group

    To add contacts to a group:

    1. In the contact list, select the contact you want to add to the group.
    2. Right-click their name and select Contact Groups and the name of the group you wish to add them to.
    3. Click the group’s name so it is checked. (To remove a contact from a group, simply uncheck the group.)

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