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    How do I send instant messages in Skype for Linux?

    To send an instant message:

    1. In your contact list, select the person you want to IM.
    2. Click The instant message icon. to open a chat window.

      The instant message icon selected to start a chat with a selected contact.

    3. Enter your message and press Enter.

      A message in the chat window.

    4. If you receive a reply, it will be displayed in the chat window.

      The message and a reply in the chat window.

    If someone sends you an instant message when you are not looking at the chat window, an orange number will be displayed in the upper right corner of your main Skype window.

              An orange dot with the number of unread messages displayed in the upper right corner of the main Skype window.

    Click the orange number to open the chat window and see the message.

    Other things you can do in a chat window are described in the table below.

    Icon Description
    The call icon. Call the contact.
    The plus icon. Add people to create a group chat, or send files.
    The history icon. Load previous messages from the chat.
    The emoticon icon. Use an emoticon in your instant message.
    The search icon. Search the chat for a particular word or phrase.
    The minimize icon. Show members of the chat.

    If your contacts are offline The Offline status icon., you can send them SMS text messages or call them on their mobiles or landlines. All you need is a little Skype Credit or a monthly subscription.

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