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How do I manage my privacy settings in Skype for Linux?

You can use your privacy settings in Skype for Linux to control who can and cannot contact you.

To configure your privacy settings:

  1. Click  and select Options > Privacy.

    The privacy options in Skype for Linux.

  2. Configure your privacy settings as required. The table below describes these settings in more detail.
  3. Click Apply to save your settings.

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Setting Description
Allow calls from... Choose to allow calls from anybody or only people you have allowed to call you. If you set your online status to SkypeMe!, calls will always be allowed from anybody.
Allow chats from... Choose to allow chats from anybody or only people you have allowed to chat to you. If you set your online status to SkypeMe!, chats will always be allowed from anybody.
Keep chat history for... Specify how long to keep your chat history for.  Your conversation history is stored on Skype's cloud for 30 days; however, you can set your computer to save your chat history for longer, if you want.
Allow my status to be shown on the web

If you have a legacy Skype button displayed on your website, it  will reflect your online status. People will be able to click the button and call you, even if you haven't allowed calls from anybody.

Important: The legacy Skype buttons displaying your Skype status are no longer supported.

Visit the new Skype buttons area  to get your own customized button for your website or application.

Allow my contacts to see the number of contacts I have Choose whether to show your contacts the number of contacts you have (but not their personal details).
Automatically answer incoming calls Choose whether to answer all incoming calls automatically.

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