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    How can I send a contact’s details to another contact in Skype for Mac OS X?

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    You can send a contact’s details to another person during a conversation, so they can add the same contact to their contact list. This is an easy way to make sure that all your friends are connected on Skype.

    To send contact details:

    1. Start a conversation with the person you’d like to send contacts to. A conversation can be an instant message, a voice call or a video call.
    2. Click the paperclip icon button in the lower left side of the chat window and select Send Contacts…

    Send Contacts... option selected from the list displayed after clicking the Add button.

    If you’re on a voice or video call, click the Add button The Share button  and then click Send Contacts...

    1. In the Send Contacts window, type the name of the contact you’d like to send, or find them in the list and double-click their name. Selected contacts will appear in the top field.

    The contact you would like to send is displayed in the top field.

    1. Click Send. An instant message appears confirming that the contact has been sent.

    The Sending contact to... Skype window.

    The recipient can then add the contact(s) to their contact list.

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