How do I change my account details in Skype Manager™?

If your details change at any time (for example, if your administrator or address changes), you can update your account details in your Skype Manager.

  1. In the top right corner of Skype Manager, click Account details.
  2. Click anywhere in a row to make your changes:
    • Account details - the name of your administrator, which is displayed in the top right corner of Skype Manager.
    • Billing address - the billing address of your aministrator. Same as registration address by default.

      If you change your registration or billing address to a location in the United States, a pop-up window will notify you of the changes that will occur if you register your Skype Manager in the US, and prompt you to agree to the US Skype Business Terms of Service.

  3. Click Save when you make a change.

For more information on Skype Manager, there is a Quick Start Guide, a User Guide and several tutorial movies available on the Guides page of the Skype Support site.

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