How do I delete my shared.xml file?

The shared.xml file is a configuration file used by Skype. In certain situations, if you have contacted Skype Customer Service, you may be asked to delete this file.

Unless you have been asked to do so by Skype Customer Service, DO NOT delete this file.

To delete the shared.xml file:

  1. Make sure that Skype is no longer running.
  2. Click Start. (On Windows XP: Click Start, then click Run.)
  3. Type "%appdata%\skype" and click OK.
  4. Locate and delete the shared.xml file.

    The shared.xml file located on a computer.

  5. The file may be displayed as “shared” if file extensions are not displayed on your computer.

If you cannot find the file:

  1. Click Start. (On Windows XP: Click Start, then click Run.)
  2. Type "control folders" and click OK.
  3. In the View tab, select Show hidden files and folders and click OK.

    The View tab with the Show hidden files and folders option checked and the OK button.

  4. Follow the instructions to locate the file.

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