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Can I change my Skype Name or display name?

If you sign in to Skype with a username (rather than an email address or phone number), that username is what we call your Skype Name. It’s displayed at the top of Skype:

Your display name is the name that’s shown in your profile, and the name your friends see in their contact list and when you call or instant message them:


Changing your Skype Name

It’s not possible to change your Skype Name. If you want to have a different Skype Name, you’ll need to create a new account.

If you do create a new account, you’ll need to add all of your Skype contacts again. And since you can’t transfer paid features from one account to another, you should make sure you’ve cancelled any subscriptions or recurring payments, and used up any Skype Credit you have in your account.

Get help with creating a new Skype account.

If you’ve forgotten your Skype Name and can’t sign in to your account, we can help.

Changing your display name

It’s easy to change your display name, and you don’t need to create a new account.

  1. Go to your profile.

In Skype, click your name at the top left.

Your profile is displayed on the right.

  1. Edit your display name.

Click your display name in your profile. An edit box appears.


Type the name you want to use and click the tick button or press Enter. Your display name is changed.

Remember, your friends can change the way your name is displayed in their Skype contact lists, so the display name you choose for yourself isn’t necessarily the one they see for you.

You can also change a contact’s name: just right-click on it in your contact list and choose Rename. This only changes the name in your Skype, not theirs.

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