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    Can I send a contact’s details to another contact in Skype for Linux?

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    You can send a contact’s details to one or more people in your contact list. The person receiving the contact details can then add that contact to their contact list.

    To send a contact’s details to another contact:

    1. In the contact list, click the contact you wish to send contacts to.
    2. Click  in the bottom right corner of their profile. This opens the contact menu.
    3. Select Send Contacts. The Send Contacts box opens.
    4. In the left pane, click the contact you wish to send. You can use the Ctrl key to select multiple contacts to send.

    5. Click Send >>. The names of the contacts you will be sending to your contact will appear in the right pane.

    6. If you change your mind and want to remove a contact from the list of contacts to send, click on the name to select it and then click << Do not send.
    7. Click Send.

    The contact will now appear as a button in the chat window of the contact you sent it to. They can click on the button, and it will open a contact request for them. 

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