What features does Skype for iPad support?


The latest version of Skype for iPad supports:

  • Instant messaging
  • Skype-to-Skype calling
  • Calling mobiles and landlines
  • Receiving Skype calls and calls to Skype Numbers
  • Participating in group voice calls
  • SMS text messaging
  • Sending photos
  • Call forwarding
  • Contact list filtering via lists
  • Voice Messaging
  • Video Messaging
  • Video calling (as the first generation iPad doesn’t have a camera, you can only receive video calls)
  • Two-way HD Video (iPad Mini Retina and iPad Air)
  • Importing contacts from your iPad contacts
  • Merging your Skype account with your Microsoft account
  • Connecting to Bluetooth devices (excluding first generation iPad)

The following features are not currently supported:

  • Group video calling
  • Starting a group voice call
  • Showing favorite contacts
  • Screen sharing*

*You can’t share your screen with your contacts but they can share their screen with you during a one to one video call.

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