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How do I receive calls and instant messages in Skype for iPad?

Have you downloaded Skype and joined us? Then just add your friends to your contact list and you’re ready to start calling and sending them instant messages.

How do I receive calls and instant messages in Skype for iPad?

You only need to be signed in to Skype on your iPad to receive Skype calls and instant messages.

You can have Skype running in the background and receive calls and instant messages, while you have other applications open.

If you don’t hear the Skype call ringtone when your friends are calling or instant messaging you, simply enable the Skype notifications:

  1. In your iPad’s main menu, go to Settings.
  2. Tap Notifications > Skype and set Sounds to ON.

If you’re signed in to Skype on your iPad and on your desktop computer at the same time, both of them will ring when you receive an incoming call.

You can also receive incoming calls to your Skype Number. The Skype Number will allow people to call you on Skype, even if they’re not on Skype themselves. You can set up Skype Number from your Skype account.

Do I get any notifications about missed Skype calls and instant messages on my Skype for iPad?

Yes, you’ll see a little red numbered badge on the People tab. Here you can find all your call and instant message related events, including any text messages you have sent and any missed calls and voice messages you’ve received. Simply tap the tab to view your call history and a list of all the chats you’re involved in will appear.

If you receive an instant message while you’re on a call, a little orange dot An orange dot displayed on the instant message icon. will appear in the bottom left corner of your conversation window. Tap the icon to view the panel with all your conversations.

You will also receive pop-up notifications for new messages, incoming or missed calls when Skype is running in the background.

If you receive a second call during an ongoing one, the first call will be put on hold so you can answer the second. After you've answered the second call, you'll be returned to the original call. If you have Voice Messaging activated you can choose not to answer the second call, and the person calling can leave you a voice message.

Where can I find my conversation and calling history?

You can view your recent conversation or call history in the Recent tab. To load older messages within a recent conversation, simply swipe down.

To remove messages from Recent, swipe an item and tap Clear.

How do I mark my recent conversations as “read” or move them to my conversation history?

To mark all your recent conversations as “read”:

  1. Tap the Edit button next to your name in the left bar.
  2. Tap Mark All As Read at the bottom of the bar.
  3. After you’ve marked your recent conversations as “read”, tap Done next to your name.

To move a recent conversation to your History:

  1. Tap the Edit button next to your name in the left bar.
  2. Tap the red icon to the left of the contact whose recent conversation you’d like to move to History and tap Close.
  3. Tap Done next to your name.

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