How do I prepare my network to use TLS/sRTP?

Transport Layer Security (TLS) and secure RTP (sRTP) are additional Skype Connect™ features that encrypt both SIP messages and RTP (audio) between your equipment and Skype Connect's access proxies (ACME Packet SBCs). This helps to protect your privacy and ensures that your communication services from Skype are secure.

TLS and sRTP are automatically enabled for Skype Connect customers. Certified equipment that has been configured according to the vendor’s instructions will automatically make use of this feature.  If you are unsure how to enable TLS/sRTP for your certified equipment, please refer to your vendor’s support documentation or contact the manufacturer for more information.

We recommend performing the following tasks to fully prepare your network to use TLS and sRTP:

Item Recommendation
Firewall Configure your firewall to allow:
  • Outbound DNS SRV requests by Skype to the domain
  • Receipt of DNS SRV records by Skype
  • Outbound TCP/IP connections from your public interface to the IP addresses provided in the DNS SRV record from Skype
  • Receipt of incoming TCP/IP from Skype Connect
PBX or SIP UA (User Agent) If Skype Connect does not recognize the type, make and model of the equipment that you are using to connect to Skype, you will need to configure your PBX or SIP UA to use TLS and sRTP. Some SIP UAs require the CA-signed certificate pre-installed. If you are unsure whether this is the case, please contact Skype Customer Service for more help.
SIP Profile Create your SIP Profile in Skype Connect and configure your SIP-enabled PBX using the authentication details displayed in the Registration tab (username/password).
CA certification Upload Skype Certificate Authority (CA) certification to your mobile devices.
Device configuration Ensure that all of your devices using Skype are configured for TLS and sRTP. Assign TLS to port 5061. sRTP will be registered in the SIP session using SDES. Configure your devices to perform DNS SRV requests to

For more detailed information about TLS/sRTP and Skype Connect, please see the TLS and sRTP for Skype Connect Technical Datasheet.

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